Video Deposition Rates

Video Depositions

$300.00 (minimum) which includes the first two hours.

$125.00 per hour thereafter, billed in quarter hour increments.

Depositions that go over 8 hours in a single day or depositions occurring on weekends and holidays, will be invoiced at 1 ½ times our regular rates for those hours.  Our billing time begins at the deposition's scheduled start time and ends when the videographer goes off the record.

Add video conferencing to your deposition for an additional $125.00 per deposition.

It’s important to know ahead of time to inform the videographer is there is access to a hard-wired (CAT 5) video connection in the deposition room, or if the deposition location Wi-Fi can supply a strong, constant signal. Please inquire about these things at the deposition location before booking this service.

Add a Second Camera package for an additional $100.00 per hour.  A second camera can be used when you want one camera on the witness and another camera on a sign language interpreter, exhibits, or the taking attorney.  Both images can be merged into a single "split-screen" image onto a DVD (see Post-Production Editing Services below).

Video Deposition Copies

$35.00 per DVD.

We can also provide you with the deposition video synched to the transcript on YesLaw DVD's
to find out more about YesLaw

Travel Time

No charge for the first 1 hour of travel.

$35.00 per hour travel time beyond one hour outside of CharlotteTravel time charges can be waived for full and multiple day depos.  However, hotel charges may apply.

Post-Production Editing Services

$125.00 per hour


$20.00 for each 8 X 10 photograph
(These can be printed as stills from video footage or from scanned exhibits.)

Cancellation / Appearance Fee
Same day cancellation, up until two hours of scheduled deposition start time, is half the minimum rate, or $150.00.  The full minimum rate of $300.00 will apply if the cancellation is within two hours of the scheduled deposition start time.

We look forward to being a part of your team!
Please call us at 803-548-2290 if you have questions or if you would like to schedule a deposition.
You may also schedule a deposition by using our on-line Video Deposition Request Form.